Pondicherry Hotels Carry Strong French Influences

Pondicherry is a Union Territory of India, administered directly by the Central Government. India has two sub-federal units of administration. One is the State which elects its own representatives and has independent functioning within the domain specified by the Constitution of India. Besides the states, there are the Union Territories which are directly administered by the Federal Government through its representative which is called the Lt. Governor. These are special territories which hold strategic importance for the country. Pondicherry is one of these centrally administered areas.

During the colonial era, Pondicherry was ruled by the French. There were four different conclaves which were together called Pondicherry. These conclaves were of Pondicherry, Yanam, Karaikal and Mahe. The French rule marked its influence over Pondicherry in all aspects. This included the influence over the construction of typical French style architecture of buildings which included the government offices, residential spaces, places of worship such as churches and even the deeply touched the cultural aspects of the people such as music, dance, eating habits and other aspects of lifestyle. The influence is still borne by a number of landmarks present in the city. Hotels in Pondicherry are one of these landmarks which still bear that influence. Not only is this reflected in their architecture and interior décor but also in their cuisines.

Pondicherry hotels are also developed on the contemporary theme, but some of the French styled hotels have now attained heritage status. Still, you would find a number of eateries and small restaurants and pubs in the city which are modeled on the French influence. Due to a long history of association with the French people, this is one of those places which are frequented by the French people and still feel that the city is quite close to their hearts.

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