Make Your Trip to the Himalayas Comfortable with Online Hotel Booking

Srinagar is located at the heart of the Kashmir Valley and is celebrated worldwide for its natural beauty. It is home to few of the best-known historical, cultural and religious structures in the country that serve as popular tourist attractions. One of these tourists attractions is Sri Pratap Singh (SPS) Museum, which offers you an opportunity to admire the splendour of the bygone eras. If visiting Srinagar is on your mind, then you might also be wondering about good lodging options. Being a tourist attraction, Srinagar houses several accommodation facilities. Online hotel booking can be the easiest and fastest way to find accommodation in Srinagar. By doing so, you can keep the task of searching hotels aside and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Explore Sri Pratap Singh Museum


This museum was established in 1898 by Maharaja Shri Pratap Singh and is named after him. Located in Lal Mandi, the museum exhibits precious collections from the regions – Jammu, Kashmir, Gilgit and Baltistan. These collections are categorised into various sections including numismatics, miniature paintings and excavated items. To completely explore their importance, you may want to visit this museum again, as well.


You can find various articles in this museum under different categories including ancient terracotta heads, copper image of Lord Buddha and brass model of Lokeshvara. After navigating through the glorious remains of the past, you may look for a place to lay your head and think about them. To help you relax your tired muscles, you can go for lodging in Srinagar. If you do not want to spend much on accommodation, there are budget hotels in Srinagar.


The hotels in Srinagar open their doors to offer you a place to relax and unwind yourself. You can book with leading travel websites for Srinagar hotels to get some good deals.




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